Hello, My team and I participated in BaltCTF 2012 and this is the first challenge I solved - Europe 300.

We were given a list of few MD5 hashes. I have tried cracking some but it didn’t work… So, I started looking for other solutions and saw there are exactly 32 different hashes! A lightbulb appeared over my head - first real hash is made of first characters in list,second is made of second characters in list and so forth. Here is little PHP script I made to get new hashes (I am sucky coder :)): http://pastebin.com/uAcTw4eY

It echo’d 32 new hashes. http://www.cmd5.org/b.aspx cracked most of them - here is output: http://pastebin.com/33YXPYPy Now, this looked like some cipher - and I was right, it is Caesar cipher with alphabet shift of 12 characters.

Kqe kag pup uf mzp kqe iq wzai odmlk. YP5 dqmxk ymk nq tmdp. Zai ftue ue kagd wqk YP5 ue zaf rgz ngf hqdk hqdk hqdk qhux.

deciphers to

Yes you did it and yes we know crazy. MD5 realy may be hard. Now this is your key MD5 is not fun but very very very evil.

The flag: “MD5 is not fun but very very very evil”

Pretty easy task, +300 for Tasteless!